What’s RAW?

Rap Addicts’ World [RAW] is created to meet the needs of countless talented Haitian rappers; both unknown and famous, and other international rappers. In addition to our mother tongue, KREYOL,  we will be posting materials in different languages since there are over 975, 000 Haitians living abroad and they speak different languages. Our world is changing progressively and so must we. Unfortunately, the HMI has not been accommodating or supporting Haitian rappers. A myriad of artists are not given the opportunity to get themselves heard. At times, Haitians Djs would rather spin records of major American artists for FREE while charging exorbitant fees to spin local artists. We are SICK of it! Rap Addicts’ World (RAW) aims to help artists share their quality music with the world. Moreover, we will objectively examine the darkest secrets of the HMI as we are here to advocate for hardworking artists as well.

RAW is revolutionary!

In order to submit music or videos for consideration; please email us at rapaddictsworld@gmail.com



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